Our Year Round Musical Theater Training program offers 3 tiers of classes for young performers to "catch the bug" of musical theater in our once a week classes. Designed to teach the basics with an emphasis on teaching children to love performing and theater.

Our Musical Theater Classes are fondly called "Apple Seeds." This is where our performers gain experience and learn the basics (the Seeds - get it?) of Musical Theater Performance. Starting at age 5, our program is designed to teach:

  1. Singing Basics - matching pitch, breath support, singing in a group.
  2. Physical Storytelling - using the body through dance, characterization, and coordination.
  3. Team Work - working as part of a large ensemble.
  4. Listening and Following Direction - there is only 1 director in theater!
  5. Basic Rules and Language of Theater - backstage and onstage!

Apple Seeds I (5-6 year old performers!)
Our 5-6 year old performers are placed in selected songs and are assigned characters to portray with our 7-12 year olds in the final performance. They often wear simple costume pieces, and work with simple props, and play several games during their class time to encourage play and creativity within their assigned characters. 

Apple Seeds II (7-12 year old performers!)
Our 7-12 year old performers anchor one act musicals in featured roles that appear in most songs and dances. Theater games are used as warm up and skill builders that directly impacting learning and team building. Roles are assigned by instructor based on participant interest and participant skills observed through theater games, choreography, singing, and reading. 

Advanced Apple Performers (10-15 year old performers!)
For our experienced 10-15 year olds we designed a next step in our once a week Apple Seeds program! This class offers middle school aged performers a challenge in taking the next step in musical theater performance. Differing from younger age groups in content, and expectation students who enroll in this class participate in two days a week of rehearsals, an in class audition after they enroll (everyone is guaranteed a role in the show if enrolled in the class!), and intense training in dance, singing, character and performance! 

Participation Fees:
5-6 year olds: $185 Seeds I (
45 minutes of instruction a week!)
7-12 year olds: $250 Seeds II (105 minutes of instruction a week!)
10-15 year olds: $350 Seeds III (240 minutes of instruction a week!)

What’s included in the fee:

  1. A positive and fun filled rehearsal and performance experience
  2. Performance and Rehearsal materials (script, music, etc.)
  3. Show t-shirt
  4. 1 DVD of the final performance
  5. A digital link to cast photos
  6. Snacks during show days

What’s not included in the fee:

  1. Standard Costume Bases: often black/brown dress pants, jazz pants, black skirt, leggings.
  2. Dance shoes.
  3. Tickets to the show.
  4. Costumes beyond what participant provides.