Poison Apple’s Main Stage shows are performed three times a year – twice at our beloved Poison Apple Playhouse in Martinez, and our big summer musical at the Lesher Center for the Arts. 

Adults and children come together as performers, artists, and family members to create a complete production – from scenic design and construction, properties creation, costume construction, make up and hair design. Finally, our ensemble cast comes together three to four nights a week, over six to eight weeks rehearsing to tell creative and heartwarming stories that challenge the mind, change the heart, inspire conversation and further exploration outside the magical walls of the theater space.


The Little Mermaid JR. Main Stage. August 2015.

The Little Mermaid JR. Main Stage. August 2015.

Our Main Stage Shows are directed and designed (sometimes written) by a mixture of passionate youth and professional community artists who work together towards the goal of theatrical production.

Our Main Stage performers are cast by audition only and perform for two to three weekends in final show open to the community. We hope to see you at our next Main Stage production!