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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child attend a trial class?
No, we do not offer trial classes for participation.

Can I watch a class with my child or watch my child in a class?
No. Only participants, teachers, and staff are allowed in the rehearsal room during classes. This ensures a "safe space" environment, where students are allowed to take risks, be silly, and have fun without judgment, the pressure to entertain, or having to "do it right.”  We understand that parents are curious about what happens during class, so we follow up every class with an email update to start that conversation between you and your child.

Do you offer a sibling discount?
Yes, we do. Our enrollment system (Jumbula) automatically prorates your participation fees when you enroll a second (or third!) child, each addition child receives $25 off their enrollment fees.

If I miss a class or performance do I get a partial refund?
No refunds or discounts will be given if a class or performance is missed. Our program is not priced per class session, but rather for the entire program. We price the program so that it is affordable, and we carefully plan each session to allow an ideal amount of rehearsal time for the chosen production.

Can I take photos or video the performance?
No. Our license agreements with play companies prohibit individual recordings of the show; violation of our contract carries serious penalties. You will receive a copy of one professional DVD of the performance, which is included in the class fee. Additionally, taking photos during the show is distracting to other audience members, as well as the actors. The bright flashes, glowing screens, and electronic noises are potentially dangerous for the performers (not to mention, children get upset when the rules are not followed!)

The class is full - is there any chance my child will be added?
If your child is on a waiting list, you will be notified by the second class day (week two) if they may be added. We do not add participants after the second class day.

Can I drop my child off early for class/can they stay late?
While we love your children, we are not available to provide childcare. Please plan to stay with your child until class begins, and please be on time for pick up.

What does the participation fee include?
For Apple Seeds Musical Theater Classes - the participation fee includes:

  • 7-9 weeks of rehearsal and performance experience

  • Materials including scripts

  • 2-4 performances

  • 1 show t-shirt (optional)

  • 1 digital link to access a video of the final performance

  • Snacks in between shows on performance days

  • Specialty costume pieces, simple scenic elements, and props for performance

  • A photo link to download your favorite pictures

  • A magical theatrical memory!

Participation fees do NOT include:

  • Tickets to the show

  • Additional DVDs

  • Replacement scripts or t-shirts

  • Base costume pieces (typically black pants, black undershirt, and black closed toed shoes) (dance shoes preferred, but not required!)

  • Before-and-after-rehearsal childcare

My child has never auditioned or participated in theater before - where do we begin?
We recommend if your child is between 5 and 14 that they begin in our Apple Seeds Musical Theater program. There they will learn the basics of theater language and techniques, and gain confidence in a fun-filled environment before deciding to move onto larger scale projects and auditions.

My child doesn't want to be on stage, but would like to be involved...what do you recommend?
We often offer classes in play writing, stage combat, dance for musical theater, technical theater, etc. Contact us and ask! We love to hear about their interests.

My child is hugely disappointed in the role they were cast in - will you recast?
No. All casting decisions are final and at the discretion of the directors. Theater teaches us many life lessons and one is graciously accepting disappointment. We thank our parents for prepping and supporting their children as they learn these important lessons.

My child cannot attend technical rehearsals/performances. Can they still participate?
No. Theater is a team sport and all of its team members are needed to play. Please plan accordingly. If the class/show doesn't fit into your schedule this time, there is always a next time.

My child's friend is already enrolled. Can we be placed in the same class?
Enrollment is on a first-paid basis. If a class is full, you may be placed on a waiting list while space allows. We cannot guarantee friends will be placed in the same class if the space does not allow.

Refunds and Withdrawals

  • If a refund is requested before the start of the class you may receive a full refund less a $25 administrative fee.

  • If a refund is requested after the class has begun you may receive a partial refund at the discretion of the board of directors plus the $25 administrative fee.

  • No refunds are available after the third class day.

  • In the rare instance of a participant being asked to leave Poison Apple due to violation of Poison Apple policies, no refund will be given.