Audition Material

The Cast of Legally Blonde JR

Thank you all who auditioned. Our casting decisions were difficult but we are certain that we have the right cast for our exciting, high energy, upcoming production of Legally Blonde JR! If you were not cast, please do not lose heart. We hope to see you at an upcoming audition soon! For those cast, please expect a welcome email over the weekend before our first cast meeting on Monday 6-9 (parents are required to attend!) 

Please email to accept your role by friday june 1.

The Cast of Legally Blonde JR

Elle Woods Amber McCann
Warner Huntington III Clayton Hults
Emmett Forrest Dawson McDonald
Vivienne Kensington Rebecca Stankovich
Whitney Sarah Zucker
Paulette Maddy Voorhees
Kyle Ryan Stankovich
Brooke Wyndham Hayley Kennen
Professor Callahan Logan Brubaker

Delta Nu Girls

Margot Shalimar Dusich
Serena Kelly Kus
Pilar Antonia Reed
Gaelen/Sabrina Grace Barnacal
Kate Tessa Brubaker

Featured Roles and Ensemble Dancers

Store Manager/Sorority Girl Kelsey Amundson
Enid Hoops Alexis Fell
Grandmaster Chad/Dewey/Winthrop Zach Galvarro
Sandeep Agrawal Padamadan Lucas Green
Aaron Schultz Grayson McDonald
Pforzheimer/Prison Guard Skyla Nicholson
Saleswoman 1/Chutney Wyndham Alexandra Roth
Bookish Client/Judge/Lowell Georgia Soleimanieh

Thank you all for sharing your talents with us!