Audition Material


Women Song option 1



Welcome to Audition Materials!

Please learn (memorize) both selections for auditions but have your favorite prepared to perform! Break a leg!

I used to pray for the day you'd leave
Swore up and down you did not belong
But when I'm wrong then I say I'm wrong and I was wrong about you.
So listen up! I see no end to what you'll achieve. 
That's only if you don't turn and run. You proved it to me now show everyone what you can do - and you look great in dark blue!
Get back in the game, back on the case, take a good look at my face.
I'm not a fool and as a rule I do not bond!
But i see a star your my new muse you got the best freaking shoes! 
And you lit a fuse so go show 'em who's Legally Blonde
Yes you lit a fuse so go show 'em who's Legally - 






In a club once I met this guy Dewey who played drums in a local band
And he told me that he was from Ireland and i thought he was truly grand
So i let him move into my trailer, and I followed him round in a fog
Till be dumped me for some girl named Kayla
Took my savings and took my dog
My grandfather shoulda just shut it
Every story he told me steered me wrong
Oh the dreams that he gave me got gutted
All that's left is this weird Enya song
But a smart girl like you has a future
You have hope as each new day dawns
Girls like you always get to see Ireland give my love to the leprechauns.
















We both know why we're here I see it in your eyes
I guess it calms my fears to know it's not a surprise
I thought one look at you, looking like a dream come true
Would leave me speechless like you always do
But now we're wide awake and we've got some plans to make
Let's take some action baby, so baby give me your hand
I've got some dreams to make true, I've got the future all planned
It's time to get serious, time to get serious with you
(Elle: I never thought that I -)
Oh honey, I'm not finished.
Serious, gotta wake up and take our journey
Serious, I'm telling you as a future attorney
You want the moon and sky, so take it don't be shy. 
Baby that's why you and I - should break up.

Okay I grew up in the rocksberry slums with my mom and series of bums
Guys who showed me all the ways a man can fail
I got through Harvard I worked like a fool, worked two jobs in addition to school,
So forgive me for not weeping at your tale.
(Excuse me, just because you've got some kind of chip on your shoulder?)
You know what, you're right. There's a chip on my shoulder
And it's big as a boulder, with the chance I've been given I've gotta be
Driven to excel, I'm so close I can taste it so I'm not gonna waste it
Yeah there's a chip on my shoulder, you might wanna get one as well.