Poison Apple Productions
Theatre is Our Tradition

Performance Classes


Young Writer and Director’s Project - for ages 10 and up!

Ever wanted to write a play in a well supportive environment with plenty of inspiration and encouragement? This is the perfect workshop to try out playwriting and gain and appreciation for this fantastic art form. Or perhaps your more of a director? Or an actor interested in new works? This is absolutely the project for you!

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Apple Seeds Musical Theater Classes for ages 5-12

Here youth learn the “Seeds of Theater" in this once a week educational theater class in which they participate in for 7-9 weeks with performances at the end for friends and family. This class is the perfect first time experience, OR the perfect continuing experience for youth!



Stage Combat

Learn the basics of Stage Combat in a safe and supportive environment overseen by Stage Combat trained Noelle Arms and Instructed by TKD Black Belt Ryan Stankovich!


Advanced Apple Performers Acting Class for ages 10-15

This class is recommended for experienced youth performers who have had some on stage experience and are looking for the next challenge! This class occurs two days a week and requires dedication from participants to hone their craft as actors in this 6 month rehearsal process.

Audition Troupes

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Apple Teens and Apple Players Combined Spring Musical Theater ages 9-18!

A non-JTF experience that occurs over 4 months in the spring. Every bit as rewarding as JTF without the festival commitment. It’s the perfect way to spend spring for your experienced Thespian!