Pride and Prejudice Poster 1.jpg

Jane Austen’s famous story Pride and Prejudice follows the Bennet Family’s five very different daughters as they navigate love and marriage in 18th century England. 

Cast Features:

Brittany Finley as Elizabeth Bennet
Luke T Morrow as Mr. Darcy
Stephanie Carson as Jane Bennet
Jerry Chirip as Mr. Bingley
Rebecca Moffit as Caroline Bingley
Gianna Impastato as Mary Bennet
Alexis Frieberg as Kitty Bennet
Erin Hurley as Lydia Bennet
Gina Roth as Mrs. Bennet
David Demos as Mr. Bennet
Leah Lopez as Charlotte Lucas
Noah Sturtridge as Mr. Collins
Maggie Demos as Georgiana Darcy
And Linda John as Lady Catherine de Bourgh