Shrek the Musical

Audition Workshops!

The audition workshop is designed to give actors the “inside scoop” of auditions, as well as receive practical notes and audition techniques to assist them in having a positive audition experience. All participants should come with chosen song materials already memorized to be able to successfully workshop them.

Within the workshop, participants learn:

  • Professional audition behavior

  • Proper audition attire

  • Headshot and resume formatting

  • Professional audition slate (introduction)

  • Cold reading tips and tricks

  • Audition dance technique

  • Technique for presenting your musical theatre audition

  • Director vision on characters and casting

    Please note that participation in the audition workshop does not guarantee being cast in Shrek the Musical. It promises to prepare auditioners for this, and future auditions, but no workshop can offer a guarantee of being cast in this, or any production.

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