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Policies and Refunds

Poison Apple Productions

Policies and Refunds

We want to be 100% open and transparent about what we do. Please let us know if you have any questions about our policies. Our policies were last updated on October 28, 2015. We may update these policies from time-to-time. If we do so, we'll be sure to let you know on this page.  

Our responsibilities

We care deeply about your safety and privacy. Our primary responsibilities are as follows:

  • Treat your personal information with the sensitivity and respect it deserves
  • Ensure that our classes are safe for all our participants
  • Be up front and direct with you about any issues that may arise, or any questions you may have

If you ever feel that we're not keeping up our end of the bargain, please let us know.

Your responsibilities

Participation at Poison Apple is voluntary (and fun!).  While you're participating in one of our shows or workshops and while you're attending a show or anytime you're at the Apple Academy we require that you:

  • Treat everyone the way you'd wish to be treated and in compliance with our non-discrimination policy
  • Refrain from recording our shows and violating our agreements with the publishers
  • Arrive on time and prepared for rehearsals with all necessary materials
  • Refrain from any other abusive activities, determined at our discretion

Additionally we ask that participants (and their parents) in our larger shows:

  • Participate in all required volunteer hours
  • Publicize our shows and help sell tickets

If we discover that you're violating these rules, we may decide to remove you from that and future Poison Apple activities. In the very rare case that we decide to do this, we'll notify you and we'll be crystal clear about why we've done so.

Our refund policy

If you're unhappy with Poison Apple for any reason, contact us to let us know.

Your deposit that you placed to hold your child’s place is non-refundable. It pays for class materials, and the rights for the show. If you decide to withdraw from the class, your deposit has already gone towards paying for the above and therefore cannot be refunded or transferred to a future class.

A partial refund may be made before class 3 at the discretion of the Board of Directors if you have a good reason.  Past exemption have been granted for medical emergencies, deaths in the family or other major hardships.  

No refunds will be made after class 3. By this time costumes are being made, sets and props have been established, and it is too late for another child to take your child’s place. Please communicate withdrawals to our staff before class 3 (third week) to receive your partial refund.

Our Enrollment Policy

Classes are enrolled on a first come first paid basis. We cannot hold your place until your deposit is received. If you prefer to pay in cash please contact us to make arrangements. 

Many of our Apple Seeds like to participate with friends. We cannot guarantee that friends will be in the same class if space does not allow.

Payment plans are available for the balance of your participation fee.  Please contact us for details.  

Families who have siblings participating receive a single $25 discount on total fees due.  Please contact us for details on how to receive the discount before you enroll.  Once processed payments cannot be refunded or reduced.  

Our Waitlist Policy

If your child, or your child’s friend is on the waitlist, they will be notified by the 2nd class week if they may be added. We will not add a child to a class after the second class day, as participants have been cast in their roles.

Closed Classes and Rehearsals

Only participants, teachers, and staff are allowed in the rehearsal room during classes. Friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, out of town guests, and any other people are not allowed to participate or sit in on the class process.  This policy ensures a safe space environment where students are allowed to take risks, be silly, loud, and have fun free from judgment, pressure to entertain or to do it 'right.' Our Program Assistants are there to assist with reading, remembering where to go, and help with names, dances, and songs.

We understand that you may be curious as to what goes on during classes, and to see just how it all works, which is why we follow up every class with an email “update” to start that conversation between you and your child. Our teachers are great at communicating any challenges or triumphs with you 5 minutes before and after class and are happy to answer questions and help explain the goings on to you then.  

Our data collection & retention policy

When you visit our website, we:

  • Send anonymized visitor information to Google Analytics
  • Use cookies to store your site preferences

We use Google Analytics to understand who visits our website, how they got there, and what they did while they were there. It's worth emphasizing that all of this information is anonymized: we can't personally identify you from it.

Additionally, we host our website at SquareSpace.  Any data collected by SquareSpace is subject to their Privacy Policy.  

When you sign up for a class or workshop, we collect:

  • Your name and your child's name
  • Your contact information
  • Personal information about your child including medical conditions/history.  
  • Your credit card information

We use this information to provide our classes, services and shows to you.  We store it and share it with our staff and volunteers if the information is helpful or necessary for them.  We require that all our staff treats your information with respect as outlined in Our Responsibilities above.  

Your billing information is actually stored by Stripe Payments. Poison Apple never sees your full card information. This is a good thing: Stripe is purpose-built to keep your credit card information secure; it powers many of the largest companies online and has an excellent security and operational record.  Use of the Stripe payment system is subject to their terms.  

our Photography/recording Policy

Poison Apple photographs and records some of our shows, rehearsals and workshops.  We use those recordings and photos for many uses including publicizing our services and shows (like the images on this website).  

Images, videos, recordings and copyright law are complicated, so the lawyers insist that we tell you:

  • Participation or attendance in our classes requires your consent for Poison Apple to use an any and all photographs, video, voice recordings, or other media taken of you or your children including derivative works thereof, and any reproduction of them in any form in any media whatsoever, whether now known or hereafter created, throughout the world in perpetuity.
  • You also consent to the use of your (or your child's) name or likeness, or an assigned fictitious name, in connection with the exhibition, distribution, merchandising, advertising, exploiting and/or publicizing of Images or Poison Apple.  You understand that for the purposes law in the US and abroad, Poison Apple will be the exclusive owner of all rights, including, but not limited to, all copyrights, in and to the Images in whole or part, throughout the universe, in perpetuity, in any medium now known or hereafter developed, and to license others to so use them in any manner Poison Apple may determine in its sole discretion, without any obligation to you.
  • You waive any right that you may have to inspect and/or approve the use of the Images or any reproductions thereof, by Poison Apple.

If you have an issue with these policies, contact Poison Apple to opt out of sharing your likeness.  You must opt out before beginning participation.