Poison Apple Productions
Theatre is Our Tradition


13 year old participant

“I have participated in lots of different theater companies and Poison Apple is my favorite because no matter who is joining the company they make everyone feel included and make everyone feel like they are a part of a big happy family.  I feel that of all the places I've done theater at I've grown the most with Poison Apple.  I have formed tons of great relationships and made so many friends.  I was shy before I started at Poison Apple but the staff and environment helped me come out of my shell - now I consider myself a very outgoing person.  The staff have a different expectation than other directors that I've worked with.  They expect everyone to have fun, but also behave professionally - I know the hard work shows it shows in our final productions!”

Lynn, parent

“Poison Apple Productions is pure magic. Both of my kids (ages 4 and 7) take classes here and participate in main stage shows. I simply cannot say enough about the outstanding staff, amazing shows, happy and supportive environment, and overall educational and personal enrichment value of this program. Hands down, this is the gold standard of children's theater programs.”

sandra, parent

“We found Poison Apple 5 years ago and my children have been participating ever since then. They have helped them grow in so many ways. Noelle and all the staff there are so wonderful and their productions are truly fun to watch. My children have loved coming here and the staff helps everyone grow and doesn't just focus on "lead" roles.  I highly recommend them if you are looking for theater classes for your kids.”

“The Preschool Theater Class has been one of the best growth experiences for my 4-year old! Over the last year, this enthusiastic program has really opened the door for my son's imagination and his creative expression has blossomed - he sings and dances at any chance and can jump into any character in milliseconds - it's absolute joy to watch him! This is an incredible class and is one of the best bargains for such a nourishing activity!   I'm grateful that we found it!”

kevin, parent