that's what it's all about

Kate Sterne is a promiscuous teenager with a bad
reputation.When she is raped by “teacher of the year”, the only witness to the act is fellow student Willy Keyes – who is autistic.That’s What It’s All Aboutthe
relationship between Kate and Willy as they grow and learn from each other.The story also examines Kate’s relationship with her single father Gary – who has trouble understanding why Kate is the way she is – and Willy’s mother Nadine, who conceals a tragic secret.Other characters that affect the lives of these disabled characters include: Judge McGraw, Kate’s clueless ex-boyfriend, Willy’s Special ED teacher, Willy’s absent father, and Willy’s Grandma Margaret – all played by the male or female ‘Greek Chorus’.Learn what it means to “never judge a book by its cover”, to love unconditionally, and cherish every day and every relationship in your life – no matter how seemingly insignificant.

After all, That’s What It’s All About.

Opening Night (2 for 1) Special:
Thursday October 5 8:00pm

Friday October 6 8:00pm

Saturday October 7 8:00pm

Thursday October 12 8:00pm

Friday October 13 8:00pm

Saturday October 14 8:00pm