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The Little Prince


Cast Features:

Wesley Fletcher as The Little Prince
John Di Giorgio as The Aviator
Shannon Page as The Rose
April Hoskins as The Fox
Erin McMann as The Snake
Randy Short as The King/Business Man
David Demos as The Conceited Man
Blake Leung as The Lamplighter/Geographer
Kasen Choban, Aly Dusich, Alex Humphreys, Mia Moulten, Clayton Rodriguez,
Cassidy Semsky, Amara Vibat

Book and Lyrics by John Schoullar
Music by Rick Cummins
Based on the Book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Directed and Choreographed by Noelle Arms
Designed for the Stage by Dawson McDonald
Stage Managed by Harley Bates

This show runs approximately 2.5 hours with one 15 minute intermission.
Recommended for ages 4 and up.



This beloved classic now comes alive on stage in a magical full-length family musical. Filled with enchanting music and heart-felt lyrics, it has been touted by critics around the country for its sophisticated appeal to all ages. It tells the story of a world-weary aviator whose malfunctioning plane strands him on the Sahara Desert. When a mysterious, regal little boy appears and asks him to draw a sheep, the aviator is annoyed and distracted from his crisis—unaware that he is about to have a transforming experience. During their week in the desert the little prince tells him stories about his adventures through the galaxy and about his strained relationship with a special flower on his own tiny planet. He encourages the alienated aviator to document these tales by drawing once again as he had when he was a boy. By learning that "what is essential is invisible to the eye," the aviator comes to a new understanding of how to laugh, cry, and love again. This show with its unique features of live drawing as part of the action and a planetarium environment—provides a great deal of room for directorial concepts, allowing for either the most elaborate or simplest of productions.